Private Fleet Conversion

Focus on your customers, business and strategic initiatives.

Shifting from Private Fleet to Dedicated Trucking

Unlock your growth potential with a private fleet conversion and leverage a dedicated trucking solution.  This decision often comes down to cost, but there are many more benefits that exist within dedicated service. Two of the biggest are safety and controlling your risk and liability. Converting your private fleet to a dedicated outsource insulates your risk and advanced implementation processes help protect liability.

Mitigating Your Risk

Mitigating Your Risk

  • Converting your private fleet to dedicated trucking solutions can transfer operational risks, such as liability in accidents or compliance with transportation regulations, directly to the provider.
  • TA Dedicated will prioritize your needs at our own risk. Safety remains at the core of all actions and backed by leading equipment and technology.
  • A focus on year-round training ensures drivers and freight are safe. You get exceptional fleet maintenance that reduces a variety of risks.
  • Get quality change management when converting a private fleet for your facilities, plant locations, customers-base and internal transformations.
Managing Costs

Managing Costs

  • Operating a fleet incurs significant cost and capital including vehicle purchases or lease, maintenance, fuel, insurance, drivers and on-going training.
  • Converting your private fleet to dedicated trucking solutions with a fixed cost offers various forms of expense management and control.
  • You get more predictable expenses, often with economies of scale, reducing transportation spend and gaining efficiencies in overall service.
  • Forecasting and financial budgeting will be streamlined. Significant costs can be reduced through eliminating driver hiring, training, retention efforts.
  • When costs are reduced, it frees up capital to help you grow and succeed in other initiatives.
Reliable Transportation Assets

Reliable Transportation Assets

  • The average age of TA Dedicated tractors stands at 2 ½ years old, adhering to strict maintenance protocols.
  • Specialized trailers to handle all types of freight:
    • Dry
    • Flat
    • Bulk
  • Hazmat certified trailer equipment.
  • A fleet of dedicated tractors and trailers are optimized with the latest safety technology, including forward-facing cameras, collision mitigation systems, active speed intervention, and stability control.

Transforming Private Fleet Sustainability

By converting your private fleet you gain critical resources in supply chain engineering and continuous process improvement ensuring dedicated fleet service minimizes environmental impact as much as possible.

Continually analyzing data identifies opportunities to discover more sustainable outcomes in reducing CO2 emissions.

Transforming Private Fleet Sustainability