Dedicated Fleet

Discover the exceptional value of a dedicated fleet.

Operational Advantage of a Dedicated Fleet

Leveraging a dedicated fleet outsource equips you with extensive logistics capabilities without significant financial investments or intensive management and operations responsibilities—providing a more integrated, efficient, and elastic supply chain that gives you enhanced control and a competitive advantage. A dedicated fleet also offers numerous benefits including continuous access to operational expertise, reduced risk profile, adoption of the highest safety standards, and consistent service.

Increased Operational Control

Increased Operational Control

  • Utilizing a dedicated trucking team gives you control over your logistics operations.
  • Instead of one-off shipments, or relying on transactional capacity, a dedicated fleet carrier provides exclusive service to meet your unique needs, no matter how complex.
  • Get the autonomy needed to tailor routing and scheduling protocols to gain a more streamlined approach to logistics planning.
  • This elevated level of control ensures systematic operational cadences, such as production cycles, inventory turnover, and stringent delivery schedules.
  • Tap into a logistics operation that is more responsive to complex requirements and more attuned to the expectations of your customers.
Max Operations & Outcomes

Max Operations & Outcomes

  • A dedicated fleet outsource proves ideal for businesses with complex logistics needs and deep customization or specialized equipment or service.
  • Optimizing operations by analyzing and executing efficient routes can significantly decrease transit times and reduce miles. This  results in substantial savings on fuel consumption and vehicle maintenance while minimizing environmental impact through reduced carbon emissions.
  • Utilizing advanced routing algorithms and GPS technology, logistics managers can dynamically adjust routes in response to real-time traffic conditions, road closures, and schedule changes.
  • As businesses strive for sustainability and cost-effectiveness, achieving these objectives offers a competitive advantage.
Dedicated Expertise

Dedicated Expertise

  • TA Dedicated seeks out creative ways to learn more about your business and how to evolve it to meet your transportation needs.
  • By integrating into your full supply chain you gain expertise and an extension of your team who provides seamless and highly coordinated efforts to manage and execute your transportation.
  • Dedicated freight services span the full spectrum of your supply chain processes from forecasting to planning to optimizing to managing professional drivers throughout the entire freight lifecycle.
  • This comprehensive integration enables high-end execution with precision and consistent outcomes.

Enhanced Communication
and Collaboration

Get direct and open communications, real-time updates, quick responses to queries, and on-site attention for immediate problem-solving.

A dedicated fleet should act as an extension of your supply chain team and an on-site presence supports operational success.

Enhanced Communication and Collaboration