Dedicated Logistics

Discover the power of people, process, and technology.

Reliability, Control and Flexibility

Dedicated logistics offers the best combination of people, process and technology to analyze your data and optimize your supply chain. A dedicated freight provider exhibits strong collaboration, has the ability to perform supply chain optimization such as network analysis for your dedicated freight and understands your total-cost-to-serve which helps manage fleets, expenses and return on investment. Continuous improvement through supply chain engineering ensures your dedicated transport service consistently performs at the highest levels.

Benefits of a Dedicated Transport Service

There are many benefits to utilizing a dedicated fleet for your transportation and logistics needs. Reliability, flexibility, customization, efficiency, optimization, and more. Dedicated logistics drives consistency and top-line performance.

Specialized Services

Specialized Services

Our supply chain engineers, operations teams, and drivers work with the unique needs of your supply chain to develop a complete solution:

  • Dedicated fleet service with precise procedures
  • Trained and consistent drivers
  • Regular dedicated and multi-stop routes
  • Just-in-time (JIT) delivery needs

Specialized services can take many forms in developing the right model for each individual customer. Customized solutions support many situations such as high-touch procedures, hard to handle freight, hazardous materials, heavy equipment and more.

Cost Control

Cost Control

Dedicated logistics and fleets provide customers with:

  • Predictable billing models
  • More accurate budgets for transportation costs
  • Minimizing expenses related to fleet maintenance
  • Equipment availability
  • Reduced fuel price volatility

You’ll also realize lower costs by outsourcing driver recruiting, training and retention. Driver training programs through dedicated transport service ensures you’ll receive the safest drivers for your dedicated freight needs.

Reliable Capacity & Service

Reliable Capacity & Service

TA Dedicated fully owns and maintains a large fleet of trucks and trailer equipment that services dry van, flatbed and tanker needs. With a dedicated transport service you have full control over:

  • Operations that support specific requirements
  • A fleet that provides reliability
  • Drivers trained on specific SOPs
  • On-time performance expectations

Drivers are core to dedicated programs who know the equipment and customer expectations. They are an extension of your team and ensure consistent service levels, particularly for time-sensitive shipments or those with stringent delivery requirements.

Increased Supply Chain Efficiency

Increased Supply Chain Efficiency

Improving supply chain efficiency involves optimizing processes to enhance productivity and operations:

  • Demand forecasting and planning
  • Inventory management
  • Transportation optimization
  • Supplier collaboration

Optimization efforts lead to more efficient supply chain outcomes. Work with a provider who deeply analyzes and understands your business, customizes each aspect of your operations and executes a dedicated freight program that measures and proves expected efficiency gains.

Transportation Technology

Transportation Technology

Leverage transportation management systems to gain:

  • Shipment visibility
  • Improve route planning
  • Perform shipment consolidations
  • Perform load optimizations

Power BI dashboards allow for visibility, reduced lead times and mitigate supply chain disruptions. Analytics support reporting and real-time decision making. ISAAC tablet technology improves driver and customer interaction through access to information for your dedicated freight program. Scanning options improve inventory tracking to reduce out of stocks or overstocks.

Improvements & Sustainability

TA Dedicated continually monitors:

  • Unique and specific processes
  • Routes and re-route dynamics
  • Individual and team drivers
  • Safety and service performance

Ongoing clear communications, sharing demand forecasts and production schedules help identify opportunities for process improvements and avoid service failures. TA Dedicated continually looks for opportunities to reduce emissions and seek sustainable options to serve the needs of all stakeholders.

Prioritizing Safety Leads to Better Outcomes

Using a safety-focused transportation service can deliver incentives and wide-ranging benefits. A safety-first strategy ensures a strong reputation, reduces legal and financial liabilities, eliminates OPEX in driver recruiting-training-retention, and helps manage insurance rates.