About TA Dedicated

Customer focused dedicated transport services.

About TA Dedicated

TA Dedicated offers truckload transportation services through a portfolio of dry van, flatbed and tanker equipment. An expert in dedicated fleet programs, knowledgable engineers optimize supply chains, enhance visibility and work to reduce CO2 through sustainability programs. Customers get a highly specialized, hands-on freight service for complex supply chains that have unique requirements and custom needs such as hazmat shipping. With terminals across the U.S., TA Dedicated operations are headquartered in Eagan, MN.

With a core mission to optimize value in supply chains, TA Dedicated enhances customer’s ability to offer superior service to their end customers, and improve business outcomes. Specializing in dedicated transport services throughout the United States, TA Dedicated is committed to delivering a service that stands for safety, working to diminish risk while bolstering efficiency and reliability.

Mission Vision Values

TA Dedicated’s mission and values guide company strategic decisions and direct each and every action of the organization. Whether it’s route planning, driver training, vehicle maintenance, or customer service, TA Dedicated values are the compass steering towards excellence. This focus on core principles defines a customer and driver-led approach to service and ensures a strong alignment with the evolving needs of clients and drivers.


We lead with safety-driven decision making in all that we do. The driver has the final say on what is safe. All are accountable to be the captain of their own ship. Nothing we do is worth endangering ourselves or the motoring public.


We have trusting, long standing relationships with each other and our customers. We drive a culture of connecting people, solutions, and opportunity. We engage with our drivers, customers and each other with the intention of improving their experience, whatever it is.


We value creativity, progressive solution design and trying new things. We believe that champions emerge from change and are committed to the continual optimization of all that we do. We embrace new ideas in order to forge ahead for our drivers, customers and each other.


We never jeopardize our standards to get the job done. We have trusting, long standing relationships with each other and our customers. Our engagements are centered around the principles of honesty, respect and responsibility that drives trusted collaboration. We are secure and confident in who we are and take pride in a job well done.

TFI International

TA Dedicated is a TFI International company.

A North American transportation and logistics leader, powered by over 80 operating companies and more than 25,000 employees working together across a wide range of verticals.

Customers working with TA Dedicated get superior service from dedicated carrier experts and the financial stability and scale of TFI International.