Improve Safety With A Dedicated Carrier

Dedicated carriers offer safety options, a lower risk profile and consistent service.

Specialized Dedicated Freight Services

Overnight and Multi-Stop Routes


Delivery from DCs to local or independent locations are a unique challenge. For a large auto parts customer, palletized freight is picked up at DCs and delivered to retail locations. Trained drivers make multiple overnight stops, leveraging lift-gate trailers and electric pallet jacks to drop product into stores upon opening the next day.


HAZARDOUS & Regulatory

By providing solo, slip seat shuttle and regional operations support for a global chemical manufacturer, TA Dedicated hauls hazmat materials to and from DCs and direct to their customers. The service includes meeting FMCSA legal regulations and procedures regarding the loading of hazmat materials.

Just In Time


To augment a leading U.S. retailer’s private fleet, TA Dedicated provides flexible options if driver hiring slows or seasonal demand spikes more than expected. Just in time delivery helps customer inventory management and TA Dedicated maintains a 98% or higher on-time delivery rate.

High Value Cargo

High Value Cargo

A multi-stop solution for a leading pharmaceutical company was developed to optimize regular routes from their DC to multiple retail locations. By analyzing traffic patterns and the unique needs of the retailers, supply chain specialists re-engineered the customer’s network to save on transportation costs and help meet carbon emission reduction goals.

Seasonal Flexibility


Prepare for seasonal order fluctuations with augmented TA Dedicated services and private fleet support. Freight can be picked up at DCs and delivered to private fleet drivers in multiple locations. With multi-stop deliveries to retail locations, you will satisfy your customers’ expectations with consistent, reliable service.

5 Star Service


For a world leading manufacturer, TA Dedicated provides measurable service levels of 98% or higher on-time pick-ups and deliveries. Heat protected trailers are used for DC transportation and deliveries to final mile providers.

Dedicated Fleet Advantages

Safety White Paper
High Advantages of Safety-Driven Providers

Safety-driven cultures protect drivers, employees, public motorists, and overall freight commodities. Using a safety focused transportation service grounded in well-being and risk management can deliver incentives and wide-ranging benefits. A safety-first strategy ensures a strong industry reputation, reduces legal and financial liabilities, eliminates OPEX in driver recruiting-training-retention, and can help manage rising insurance rates.

Adapting Dedicated Fleet Sustainability Practices

Dedicated fleets are increasingly adapting sustainability practices to minimize their environmental impact and align with global sustainability goals. Supply chain engineering and ongoing process refinement lead to specialized service that minimizes environmental footprint to the greatest extent possible. Ongoing data analysis uncovers opportunities for achieving more sustainable results in CO2 emission reduction.

Trucking Excellence

Building a dedicated fleet and specialized service to meet your unique requirements takes the right people, knowledge and resources. With a deep roster of specially trained professional drivers, and available meet-to-specification equipment, you get a transportation network that helps reduce risk and satisfy the demanding needs of your customers.

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Women In Trucking Celebrate TA Dedicated 2024 Trailblazers

TA Dedicated announced today Caitlin Powell, Director of Communications & Marketing and Hannah Koury, Sr. Customer Success Manager as recipients of Women In Trucking Association’s “Top Woman to Watch in Trucking” award. This recognition celebrates individuals who have demonstrated exceptional leadership, innovation, and commitment to advancing the trucking industry, particularly in promoting gender diversity and inclusion. The “Top Woman to Watch in Trucking” accolade commemorates the remarkable contributions and achievements of women within the transportation and logistics industry. It stands for resilience, excellence, and the pioneering spirit required to drive forward-thinking opportunities in the trucking sector. This award highlights the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion, showcasing how varied perspectives lead to innovative solutions and a more robust industry.