Supply Chain Management

Optimizing supply chains with collaboration and innovation.

Supply Chain Engineers and Expertise

Optimizing transportation networks takes sophisticated supply chain management programs backed by strategic focus, collaboration and innovation. Start with a clear understanding of the end-to-end supply chain operations, then identifying key areas where efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and specialization can be enhanced. This involves:

  • Developing a deep understanding of your operations
  • Identifying shipment originations and delivery locations
  • Analyzing order management processes, technology, and data

All this leads to creating efficiencies, predicting and transforming patterns, and adapting to market dynamics and supply chain disruptions. A continuous improvement process leads to lower costs, operational resilience, and optimal service levels.

Powerful Supply Chain Management

Extensive Knowledge & Experience

Extensive Knowledge & Expertise

Your dedicated fleet service provider should leverage years of data and experience that delivers:

You need visibility for a robust understanding of end-to-end supply chain processes, as well as technology that allows for efficient data analysis, route and network optimization, order-level management, and cost-to-serve metrics.

Demand Planning

Demand Planning

Accurately forecasting product and service demand based on historical data, market trends, and other relevant factors supports effective supply chain optimization. Align your supply chain activities with:

  • Anticipated customer demand
  • Order volume visibility
  • Management of stock-outs
  • Avoidance of excess inventory

Leveraging advanced technology and data models enable more accurate forecasting by automating processes and providing real-time insights into demand trends—resulting in true, scenario-based optimization.

Sustainability Focus

Sustainability Focus

Optimized supply chains deliver the best results for customers while moving freight the least number of miles. Optimization outputs might manifest as:

  • Re-routed shipments
  • Elimination of routes
  • Network reconfiguration
  • Load consolidation
  • Order management improvements
  • Fuel optimization
  • Emissions reductions

TA Dedicated continually tests and incorporates new technology to reduce environmental impact while delivering 5-star customer service.

Supply Chain Management Benefits

Benefits of supply chain optimization include cost reduction, reduced emissions, improved efficiency, flexibility, and responsiveness. Through strategic planning and execution, supply chain engineering enables companies to achieve greater efficiency, agility, and competitiveness.

Supply Chain Management Benefits