Dedicated Truck Service

Top-line equipment that drives safety and success.

Top Tier Equipment and Maintenance Program

You need a dedicated truck service that upholds a commitment to safety through the meticulous upkeep vehicles and trailer equipment—
safeguarding drivers and everyone on the road:

  • Modern fleet with an average age of 2 ½ years
  • Rigorous maintenance protocols
  • Utilizes the most stringent industry maintenance standards

By integrating smart diagnostic tools and telematics, you proactively monitor vehicle health, address potential issues promptly, and maintain a fleet’s condition. This approach means you get a comprehensive maintenance program with assurance that safety is a top priority for drivers and dedicated truck service.

Collision Mitigation Systems

Collision Mitigation Systems

  • Proven to significantly reduce the chance of collisions this technology enhances safety for truck operators and other road users.
  • When a threat of a collision has been identified, the system promptly alerts the driver with audible and visual warnings, allowing for quick corrective action.
  • If drivers do not respond in time, the CMS [collision management system] takes autonomous preventive measures, such as applying brakes, to reduce the severity of an impending impact or avoid it altogether.
Active Speed Intervention

Active Speed Intervention

  • This sophisticated safety feature actively monitors the vehicle’s speed, fostering a safer driving environment.
  • This dedicated truck service technology contributes to the reduction of collisions, and improves fuel efficiency, which helps fleets and shippers aiming for operational excellence and sustainability.
Stability Control Systems

Stability Control Systems

  • This technology monitors the vehicle’s speed, steering angle, and rotation around its axis, using sensors to detect vehicle deviations from a driver’s intended path.
  • When instability has been detected the system automatically applies brakes to individual wheels and adjusts engine’s power to help regain vehicle stability.
  • This intervention corrects the potential loss of control before drivers become aware of any risk.

Cameras Impact Safety Records and Improve Driver Performance

Make sure to work with dedicated truck service with vehicles that are equipped with forward-facing cameras. They represent a significant advancement in commercial vehicle safety and technology.

Cameras provide real-time visual monitoring and incident evidence used to analyze road conditions and traffic patterns. This provides warnings and triggers automatic preventative measures to avoid potential hazards.

Cameras Impact Safety Records and Improve Driver Performance