At TA Dedicated, our dedication to continuous improvement and our commitment to the safety of everyone is proven through our actions. We focus on utilizing our integrated industry relationships to improve safety regulations and challenge industry norms. We pride ourselves on open and honest communication throughout our relationships.

TA Dedicated specializes in dedicated truckload services that optimize customer supply chains and provide exclusive capacity to lower costs and improve business results. We serve as an integral part of the distribution system for many of our major customers. 

TA Dedicated is a member of TFI International, a North American leader in the transportation and logistics industry.  


TA Dedicated is built on the cornerstone value of safety. The safety of our drivers, other motorists and our customers' freight mean everything to us. We stand behind this by investing in safety technologies and the continual training and education of our fleet. Our drivers are the captains of their ship and are empowered to make the decision on when it is safe to drive. We never compromise on our commitment to safety.